How it works?

The Home ContactBook enables you to get so much out of your contacts and you will be amazed at how much time you still have for other important things. This cloud based smart application is compatible with mobile and web platforms and includes plugin interface for optimal contact management.

How it works
Simple. Smart. Automated.

Simple. Smart. Automated.
Smart ContactBook

on your BlackBerry. Now that’s smart.
And if you keep your contacts static (there is no automatic contact updating), the system automatically suggests merging identical contacts. That’s smart too.

Smart ContactBook
Manage & Organize

You can easily manage and organize your contacts in the Home ContactBook through simple and intuitive web interface.
The Home ContactBook features enable you to get the maximum out of your contacts smartly so that you save loads of time. This smart app is ideal for you because your time is precious, and so are your contacts.

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