1. What is Home ContactBook?
    The Home ContactBook is a versatile app which enables you to manage your contacts by add/delete edit new contacts and make backup and restore whenever you need. And the most innovating Sync in Time feature save you from day to day effort and the mess of versions of your ContactBook by providing you always updated contacts automatically.
  2. How to it works?
    The Home ContactBook is cloud based smart application includes automated plugins available updating contacts from one contact book to another. The Home ContactBook app automatically syncs contacts across your Nokia, Blackberry, java enabled devices and web.
  3. How Auto Sync works?
    Auto Contact Book Synchronizer automatically syncs the contacts. Whenever you add/delete contact or update previous information, Auto Contact Synchronizer automatically takes up the data from your device and updates it across all connected devices and web, and save you from keeping track of ContactBook backups.
  4. What is difference between "Full sync" & "Sync in time"?
    Full sync: Moves all contacts on device to server & server to device, all at once
    Sync in Time: updates all changes in contacts from device to server & server to device as it happened.
  5. How Photo Sync works?
    Whenever any of your contacts changes their photo in their profile, Photo sync updates it automatically in your ContactBook, on all you connected devices.
  6. How can I transfer my contacts from old phone to new phone?
    You can transfer your contacts just restoring from web server to your new phone anytime.
    Press the BlackBerry menu item button
    * Click "Backup and Remove all", it takes backup of your ContactBook and also
    removes your contacts from your phone
    * Install FREE copy from BlackBerry AppWorld
    * "Login" using your Plabesk Home credentials
    * Click "Synchronize" button to retrieve your contacts from Home ContactBook
  7. How can I get my deleted contact back?
    You can get your deleted contacts back restoring from web recycle bin
    * Whenever contact you delete that automatically goes in the Recycle Bin in Home ContactBook
    * To Restore your contacts, please go to
    * Click "Restore" link to restore your deleted contacts
  8. How can I remove duplicate contacts from my ContactBook?
    You can remove duplicates from your ContactBook just clicking "Remove duplicates"
    • It searches for exact matches
      * Merge contacts, remove duplicates
      * Sync your device once you have cleaned your contacts
  9. How to permanently delete any contact?
    When you delete any contact from app it goes to recycle bin on Home ContactBook (web), but if you want delete permanently any contact, delete it from recycle bin on Home ContactBook (web).
  10. Can I sync my contacts from web?
    Yes, you can sync your contacts from web, by using “Synchronize your contacts” button on your web (logged in) home page.
  11. What happens when I add/delete and edit my contacts from ContactBook?
    Whenever you add/delete and edit your contacts from ContactBook All changes are done across all devices and web automatically.
  12. What happens when my contacts change their information?
    Whenever any your contacts change their information, it will be automatically updated on your Mobile and Home ContactBook.
  13. What is difference between static / connected contacts
    Static contacts are the ones, which you have imported and only you have control over these, but these are dead contacts, because these are not connected to the real person. To make your ContactBook dynamically update able, invite the real person and connect with him / her on Home ContactBook.
    Connected contacts are always connected with you, if your contact change his / her profile information, such as phone number, email address or home address, it gets automatically updated on your device ContactBook, and you don’t even have to synchronize again.
  14. Why ContactBook is not installed on my phone?
    It may not be compatible to your Phone model or OS see compatible phones.
  15. Why I am not logging in?
    There are two possible issues
    1. Your data services connection may not be working properly.
    2. If not the above one, then please verify your login credential, or use "Forgot password" to reset your password.
  16. Can I buy ContactBook from my service provider?
    Yes, please check the available service provider, or contact your service provider using Helpline.